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Not Everyone is a Light-Worker

I have found that the majority of individuals in any group are basically decent, kind, generous souls. They are going about the business of living their best life but will help others as much as they can, when they can. 

This is especially true of anyone in the holistic and metaphysical line of work. In general, these are people who are truly interested in the advancement of mind, body, and soul, and they want to help other people advance towards their goals, as well. 

However, in any group, there are always a few people who don't have good intentions. These are the vultures who feed on failure, the vampires who feed on joy and the users who just want as much of your money as they can get. This blog article is about these few individuals. You may not ever run into this type of person, but it's good to be aware, just in case.

I relate the following story so you can learn from my experience. 

Years ago, I was reeling from a difficult divorce. Of course, most divorces are 'diffic…

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