Reiki Healing for Animals

As I mentioned in a previous article, Don't Do Reiki With a Cat in the Room, animals loooooove Reiki. They are very sensitive to Reiki energy, and so tend to absorb and integrate the healing power of Reiki more easily than many humans. In fact, there have been several times in the past when I have been able to avoid a trip to the veterinarian by simply using Reiki on my pet.

For instance, 6 months ago, I took one of my cats, Micah, to the vet. Micah was eating, but I often found him sitting hunched-up on the living room floor, looking miserable. He used to love to stretch out to about 3 times his size and lie in the sun - but no longer. Since he was still eating, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. 

After examining my cat and taking an X-ray of his intestines, my veterinarian diagnosed him with constipation - in short, his intestines were full of poop and nothing was moving in the right direction out the other end. My poor cat had to get an immediate enema and was put on daily medication to prevent his constipation from returning. Apparently, chronic constipation in cats is fairly common and was likely to continue for the rest of his life. 

Ugh. Poor kitty. 

I take my pets to a holistic vet, so I trust that the medicine they give me is the best possible option for my pets' health. I'm still a little leery of giving my pets too much medicine, though, unless it's absolutely necessary. I prefer to let the body heal itself as much as possible, supported with good nutrition and plenty of rest. Besides, I was supposed to give my small cat a massive dose of liquid laxative every day - which he did not enjoy swallowing. 

So, although I do give him the required medication on the days that he shows signs that his constipation is returning, I also make sure to give him frequent Reiki treatments. Just as in humans, Reiki can be used to:
  • Reduce pain and shorten the recovery time after a medical procedure or surgery
  • Speed recovery from sickness
  • Relieve anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression
  • Facilitate healing from trauma
  • Resolve conflict between human/animal or animal/animal (in cases where the animals aren't getting along - this has helped tremendously in easing the conflict between two of my other cats!)
  • Resolve behavioral problems caused by abuse, neglect or abandonment.
In the case of Micah, I use Reiki to unblock his Digestive chakra, as well as any other energy center that seems to be weak or blocked. One of the minor chakras, the Digestive chakra is located near a dog or cat's stomach and rules the entire digestive system, including the intestines.

Micah is a sweet and funny Reiki client who knows what he wants! As soon as I start channeling Reiki energy, he will lie still for a while, but then move into different positions under my hand so the energy can go into specific parts of his body. For instance, he will let me channel Reiki into his crown chakra for a short while (base of the skull in back of the neck), and then turn his body so my hands are pointed down at his lower intestinal area, while giving me a look as if to say, "Here - now!" before laying his head back down. 

After a few minutes, he will flip over until my hands are directed down at his lower intestinal area on the other side of his body while giving me the same pointed look. I don't really have to think very much while doing Reiki on Micah - he does the thinking for me!

As Micah illustrates, animals are very in tune with their bodies. They know what they need when they need it, and how long they need it. Animals sense and work with energy every day, so an energy-based healing method is usually an ideal method for healing them.

Since Reiki is a useful method of treatment for anxiety and depression, it is also useful in aiding animals at the point of dying. Just like humans, an animal may be overwhelmed by feelings of grief, anxiety and/or pain at the end of their lives (yes, animals do grieve.) Reiki energy helps to calm anxious or upset animals and provides them with a blanket of peace as they make their transition.

There is one caveat to doing Reiki on an animal and that is that, just as in Reiki performed on humans, ethics play an important part in any Reiki session done for an animal. In order to give Reiki to an animal, I have to receive their permission to do so. Simply put, if the animal gets up and moves away, or keeps batting my hands away from them, they don't want Reiki. This has only happened to me once, and this was for an animal who was calmly ready to transition. He was done with medicine and Reiki. He just wanted to go. 

However, in almost all cases, Reiki can work harmoniously with medical treatments to enhance healing in animals. And the love and trust in an animal's eyes when you're giving them a Reiki treatment makes Reiki more than worth the effort. 


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