Be the Star Someone Needs

Like a lot of people, I sometimes suffer from the '4 am wake-up call'. I wake up for no apparent reason and toss and turn with random worrisome thoughts. This self-torture continues until I finally get a handle on myself and practice my Reiki, meditation and tarot techniques to help me relax, let go and fall back to sleep. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a lot of will-power to get myself to the point where I silently yell, "Stop!" to my whirring brain. 

Recently, I discovered a technique that helps me get back to sleep almost instantly. This technique is called doing something for someone else. 

I discovered this potent formula for sleep several weeks ago, during one of my 4 am wake-up calls. I was lying in bed, hopelessly trying to fall back to sleep, when I turned towards our bedroom windows. I saw one bright shining star towards the west. It could have been a planet or a star, but whatever it was, it seemed to shine gently just for me. 

As I focused on the star my brain calmed and quieted. Instead of ceaselessly churning out worries, I wondered why I was letting these negative thoughts over-take me. After all, I couldn't do anything about them now, lying in bed before dawn. 

In that moment of clarity, I had a brain-wave: in order to stop the worry, I need to think about something other than my worries. And the best way to think about something other than worries is to do something for someone else. I could be the star shining for someone else - calming their fears and worries away. 

I didn't even need to get out of bed to do something for someone else. I could simply pray for someone in need, send Reiki for my arthritic cat lying next to me in bed, or plan my next volunteer opportunity. I could even just chant (silently) for peace in the world. 

Doing something productive for someone else not only focuses my mind on something other than worry but also reminds me that I have enough to give. If I have enough energy, time or thought to give away to someone else, I surely have enough for myself! It follows, then, that if I have enough to give to myself, then I have enough to take care of any challenge that confronts me. 

I guarantee that this technique works - I've been getting a lot more sleep lately.


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