False Tales of Woe: The Root Chakra and the Devil

I love the Tarot. I'm usually seeking answers when I ask the Tarot for advice, and I always get answers and lots of advice! Tarot is like a Mom or Dad that will take any opportunity to help you self-improve but loves you as you are, anyway. Sometimes, if I'm really messing up and doing something I shouldn't, Tarot gives me a little bit of a gentle scolding, usually in the nicest way possible.

However, there are rare times when the Tarot needs to give me a harder nudge than usual. These are the times when I lay out Tarot cards like the Devil and the Five of Pentacles. These are the times when I'm being whiny, needy, cranky and very 'woe-is-me'. These are the times when I'm sabotaging myself with false attitudes or habits that undermine my efforts to succeed in my endeavors. When I see these two cards in a reading, I know that I need to do Reiki on my root chakra immediately!

The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is the first chakra. It is associated with safety and grounding. When your root chakra is out of balance you feel insecure, unable to support yourself and have your basic needs fulfilled, and you feel that you're not on a solid foundation upon which to carry out your plans. The root chakra provides the foundation upon which we live our life. Basically, if we don't have basic security and sustenance we can't do a whole lot. 

Sometimes, the root chakra is out of balance for a good reason. For instance, maybe we're homeless. Maybe we lost our job and have been searching for a new job for a year and our unemployment benefits are about to run out. Maybe we really are in a bad place.

But, are we really that desperate? 

Most of us don't understand what real lack is. We have a false idea of our situation. The Devil Tarot card illustrates this false assumption and goes a step further to say that all we have to do in order to change our situation is to change our false assumption. We can succeed, as long as we change ourselves. We can heal, as long as we break free from our attitude of lack.

As you can see in the Five of Pentacles card, two people are walking, hurt and cold, in the snow. But they don't have to - they can go inside the warm and inviting church. Why don't they? Because they are so focused on their own problems that they don't even see the gentle light flowing from the windows to show them the way. They can't see the light because they are caught in their own trap of lack and worry. 

The Devil and the Five of Pentacles tarot cards together are telling your root chakra that you need to change your attitude or change your bad habits. You're really are safe and secure - you can succeed! You are in control of your success, if only you were to change your perception of your current situation. Freeing yourself from false ideas of lack or the false security of bad habits will help. The Devil and the Five of Pentacles are telling you that you are keeping yourself tied to your troubles - you're the only one responsible for them because of your false perception that you actually have troubles.

This is a great message to get! Because you are in control of your perception, you can easily change your situation with an attitude of gratitude for what you already have. If a bad habit is holding you back, all you have to do is let go of the habit and you can succeed! It's all up to you.  

When you see these tarot cards, or when you feel that life is doing you wrong and leaving you insecure and unstable, a Reiki healing focused on your root chakra can help to heal your false attitudes of lack or a false foundation upon which a bad habit can thrive.

This is why I love the combination of Tarot and Reiki: Tarot reveals, while Reiki heals.


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