What is Tarot Plus Reiki?

I think a lot of people know what Tarot readings are. I'lll bet that, if you're reading this blog post, you have probably had at least one Tarot reading in this lifetime. 

And, I'm pretty sure a lot of you know what Reiki is. If you don't know: Reiki is a healing technique in which a Reiki practitioner channels energy into a person, which activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body. Reiki knows where the imbalances and healing potentials are in each person's body, and focuses the healing energy into these areas.

But, what are "Tarot Readings and Reiki Healings"? In my business, I often combine the two practices in one session. The Tarot reading clarifies the actual underlying issue that is addressed by the reading, and Reiki adds healing or creative energy to help resolve the challenge or issue discussed during the Tarot reading. Here's an example of how my practice works:

A client asks the Tarot for help answering a question. Let's say this client is fighting a lot with her boyfriend, and wants to know how to resolve the current conflicts. I ask the Tarot cards for advice, and the Tarot gives that advice. My Tarot cards are always happy to advise on any subject!

During the Tarot reading, my client and I realize that the underlying reason my client and her boyfriend are always fighting is that she is afraid of commitment. Maybe her past relationships have been so dysfunctional that she is now afraid to really commit to this new relationship with a good man who truly loves her. 

Enter Reiki.

With my client's permission, I will follow our Tarot reading with a short Reiki session that focuses energy on loosening up the blocked energy in my client that is preventing her from opening up to her boyfriend and allowing her to experience true commitment 

However, the true beauty of Reiki is that it will focus its' energy on what the client really needs in order to heal! Even if my client and I decide that her inability to commit is the core problem, Reiki will know better if there is another root problem and will work to heal the actual issue. 

For instance, maybe the client is actually in the wrong relationship? Her boyfriend may be a good guy, but just because it isn't a dysfunctional relationship doesn't mean he is the right person for my client. The Reiki will help the client realize this, and help her to move on to another relationship with a person who is right for her. Reiki doesn't do the work for her, but gives her the energy she needs to figure it out for herself. In other words, Reiki "unblocks" her so she can find a path to a better solution. 

Or, maybe the client isn't really ready for a relationship. Reiki will help her realize this. 

Reiki is the great healer by opening up channels that were previously blocked, which allows a person to grow and heal beyond what they were able to do before.

This is why I find the combination of Tarot readings and Reiki to be so powerful. Tarot clarifies the issue, while Reiki heals the issue. 

Of course, I offer Tarot readings and Reiki sessions without each other - you don't have to receive both services. I've just found that the combination works so well, and doubles the possibility of a positive outcome.


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