Interview with a Healer and Ghost-Hunter: Jeffrey Poe

Jeffrey Poe and his wife, Mary Bannon-Poe, own a holistic healing/metaphysical shop in Noblesville, Indiana called Good JourneysAlthough their store has been open for a little more than 5 years, Jeffrey and Mary have both been active in the holistic healing and metaphysical fields for many years. They have experience with a wide variety of different holistic healing modalities, including certifications in Hypnotherapy techniques, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Engineer and Life Coach, among others.

Even more intriguing to me is Jeffrey’s involvement in ghost-hunting. I’ve had my own share of experiences with ghosts (which I will detail in later articles), so I wanted to make sure to ask Jeffrey about his experiences with the other side.

As I interviewed Jeffrey, I found out more about his background, why he started down this path to holistic healing and ghost-hunting, his views on ghosts and spirits, and how he believes we can heal ourselves spiritually, physically and emotionally. Every holistic/metaphysical expert I talk to has unique and enlightening viewpoints about their practice, and Jeffrey is no exception.

In one of the books you’ve written, Me and My Shadows, you describe various ghost and spirit encounters you have had. You explain how you helped many of these spirits heal and cross over to the other side.  How did you discover that you had psychic abilities and were able to see and interact with ghosts?

Since I was 6 years old I’ve been seeing the dead. They would be in front of me when I woke up at night, or on the street, and it got the point where I was like, “Is this a real person or is this a ghost?”, and, “Is that car going by real, or not?”

I was told by everybody around me to be quiet about what I saw, and to hide it. Most kids eventually grow out of their ‘imaginary friend’ relationships – mine just kept going. 

Most of my childhood, and until I was in my mid-20’s, I thought the thing that was eventually going to happen to me was like in the movie The Exorcist, and I was going to become possessed and probably die from one of these things (like the Exorcist) happening.

So, I spent much of my life trying to hide from what I could see in drugs and alcohol – trying to shut it off.

Did you grow up here in Indiana?

Yeah, most of the time. When I was young, we moved around every six months for my father’s job as an Air Traffic Controller trainer. For instance, we would go to Ohio for six months, be back in Indiana for six months, move to Florida for six months and then back here – and so on.

Do you think the conservative atmosphere you grew up in affected how people responded to you when you told them about the ghosts you saw?

Yeah, definitely. My grandmother had some of these same gifts and was shunned from the community. My mom saw what happened to my grandmother, that when she talked about ghosts she got in trouble, and she didn’t want that to happen to me. So my mom would tell me not to talk about seeing or hearing from ghosts.

So how do you see ghosts? Do you see them with your physical eyes or with your mind?

Sometimes, I can see them as clearly as I see you, with my eyes. Other times, it’s like a shady, shadowy thing moving around, like water in the air, shimmering for a second. Sometimes I’ll just know that there’s an energy around me and I hear them sometimes.

Why do you think that some people like you and your grandmother are able to see these things?

I think everybody can. I don’t think it’s a gift or a curse, really, but I think everybody does this. I think most kids have imaginary playmates, and they see them the same way I see some of these ghosts – some of them are ghosts and some are entities. Some kids can think there’s a monster under their bed long enough that they can create an actual monster under their bed that no-one else can see except the kid.

I just don’t think I ever gave it up. I think that's because of some of the issues that I was dealing with – because we moved around so much I had to make friends quickly and there was often nobody around for miles – so it was difficult to find kids around to make friends with. 

What actually happened to people in your conservative community who could see ghosts?

My grandmother was shunned, she moved several times just to get out of town. 

But, when they needed her – she was what I would call a “Finder” – she could find anyone, if you told her the person’s name or gave her a picture, she could take you to a map and point to their location, and say, “Here they are.” 

The only reason why they came to her was when they needed help. She worked for a company out of her home part-time because people wanted to keep my grandmother separated from everyone else - because they knew of her abilities.

So, you’re growing up and seeing these ghosts and spirits – what made you actually go out and search for them, what helped you accept your abilities enough to be able to do that?

After I got off the drugs and got cleaned up. I was in a heavy metal band for a little while and used drugs to help me shut off these visions. But after awhile I realized that I was going to die if kept taking these drugs. 

I got cleaned up and all these visions started coming back, so I realized that I had to find a way to deal with it. So I found some places that had psychics and I talked to them about my abilities. 

One place taught me how to help myself by grounding and centering and how to protect myself when talking to spirits. That was one of the greatest turn-arounds for me, was being able to learn techniques to protect myself when interacting with spirits.

Have you been on a ghost-hunt or taken trips to places that are known to be haunted? Or, do people just come to you and ask you to help them with a ghost?

Both. I’ve worked with some ghost-hunting groups, but I’ve also had family members call and tell me, “Hey, we have noises, hearing people talk, things moving around that shouldn’t be in our house. Can you help us?”

I’ve been on some ghost-hunting shows – I’ve done 14 episodes of the television show, My Ghost Stories (on the Biography channel), and our group has been on other ghost hunter shows. These ghost hunters don’t want psychics on their show – they just want information that they find, whether good or bad, and they present what they find. 

Afterwards, they will find someone like me if they feel the ghost presence is real or not. Sometimes the ghost hunters can tell that the noises are just air in the lines or a vent moving air from one part of the building to another. They’re the debunkers.

But, there have been times when they’ve found that there is a ghost?

Oh yeah, absolutely. 

One of the earliest events before I even knew what this was – my parents went out of town for a week, and I got to stay home at 14 years old. A minister knocked on my door and told me that I was supposed to go with him so I could help someone. And we actually went to an exorcism. We saw something come out of a little girl and pick her up and drop her, then pick her up by her leg and hit her against the wall.

Do you think this was a demon or a ghost that did this to the little girl?

To me, it was a negative entity. It was probably, knowing what I know now because I’ve seen this sort of thing again, probably two or three dead people working together that became an entity together.

Why would these dead people work together?

Because they meet and go, "I want the same thing as you do," – just like some people work together to build something, or tear something down. It helps these entities to grow stronger in a different way. The negative entities will eventually burn and crumble, because where they are eventually going, they will have to change.

Does the little girl have to do something to somehow open herself up to these entities?

Not necessarily. Just like a mass murderer or a robber can enter your home, these negative entities can enter the weak and vulnerable. Also, if you’re constantly worried that this could happen to you, and saying to yourself, “I’m worried this could happen, I’m worried this could happen,” then you are drawing this energy to you. The little girl was so worried, because she saw a show, that this was going to happen to her. And then it did.

Why do you think the minister wanted you at the exorcism?

I think Spirit led him to know that I could help the little girl with my abilities, in some way.

How did you help the minister?

I think just by holding space. When people ask me, when they’re moving into a new home, to come in and clear the space of any entities, I go in with a mind-set of a flame-thrower and I just use my mental flame-thrower to blast away any darkness. I burn the whole house to the ground with the beautiful light of Love, and that’s kindof what I was doing to the negative entity inside the girl, and saying, “You can’t get to me, I’m stronger than you.” It got her away from the little girl.

Have you ever been really scared, going into a situation like the exorcism?

Yeah, something could pop up in front of you in a second – just like in a monster movie, if something pops up in front of you it still scares you to death.

For instance, me and my wife, about a month after we opened this place (Good Journeys) we were home one night and she asked me to make some popcorn. I went to the kitchen to make popcorn, and turned around to go back to my seat and there’s someone sitting in my seat! A man in wife-beater shirt and jeans. And it was instantaneous – and then it disappeared. It wasn’t good or bad, but I wanted it out – so in my mind I’m screaming, “Get out!”

Can anyone do an exorcism, or does it need to be a minister?

First of all, I don’t really believe an entity can get into us. I think they can lay on us, and be oppressive. I don’t think, though, that they can take over our soul. They can control some of your body, so we need to get the entity away from you – what you would consider an exorcism – but you are still your own being. And so, going into that, I’m thinking about getting you back into the “you” you know, and not allowing something to take your energy or be oppressive.

Do you believe in the Devil or demons?

I do believe in demons.

Where do they come from?

All over the universe. There are other planes and other dimensions that we don’t see or feel and just can’t comprehend. Our brains can’t really comprehend infinity – we know it’s big but we don’t understand how big it is.

I think God created all of us, and we can decide whether we want to be good or bad. Demons are beings who decided to be bad. From their point of view they have their own will to decide whether they’re good or bad.

I want to talk about the healing methods you use now. What do you think is the most effective method people can use to heal themselves?

Belief. Believing they can make change. 

Let’s say you broke your leg. Go back and think about what it was like 10 minutes before you broke your leg – that’s the greatest way to say, “My DNA needs to go back to that mindset.” 

Think about what your leg felt like before you broke it, or how you felt before you got sick. Feel what it was like before the pain was there, and your body will go back to that time.

For instance, when I stub my toe, I instantly start to think, “Okay, two minutes ago I was all right! I was all right!” until my toe remembers what it felt like before I stubbed my toe and my DNA goes back to that state.

The more you have the mindset of seeing what you want to happen, the more it will happen. I never say that I do any of the work. I never say, “I’m going to heal you,” because I’m not doing any of the work. I don’t do anything but be the channel, or the open-ness, to see the healing for you.

On your Good Journeys website you state that your mission is to ‘heal and help others heal’ with your healing techniques. Tell me about some of your healing modalities, like hypnosis.

My interest in hypnosis grew out of my interest in other healing modalities. 

I was going to a lady who actually taught me Reiki for the first time, and she put her hands on the top of my head and I immediately saw the room filled with a group of Aztec warriors. I told her about it, and she said that she could sense there were a lot of people in the room and she was worried about it. I told her, “Well, they’re afraid that you’re going to kill me again.”

I found out through a past-life regression that I had this experience because, in another lifetime, she was an Aztec man, a witch-doctor, who taught me how to heal. I went outside of our tribe and fell in love with a woman from another tribe and healed her mother, which I wasn’t supposed to do. My tribe found out about it and killed me – they had my witch-doctor trainer kill me.

I asked my Reiki teacher to go to the same hypnotist, without telling her anything about my visions, and she came up with same story under hypnosis!

That’s one way hypnosis can help you, to see how you are connected with people in this lifetime.

What are the uses for hypnosis? Just to help you with past-life regressions?

That’s some of it. I honestly say, when I do something like hypnosis with someone I would say 75% of what they get is their past life, while 25% is someone else’s past life that they’re picking up. You get the answers you need in this lifetime, whether from your perspective of a past life or someone else’s.

You can use hypnosis to help you quit smoking, for instance, or become more aware of yourself.

One use is to go back in time to help people really know what happened. For instance, we’ve been sitting in this room for about half an hour. If I blind-folded you right now, you would be able to recall only about 70% of the items in this room. The eye only sees about 15% of what our brain says it sees, and the brain fills in the rest because our processing takes too long. If you asked five witnesses after the accident what each one saw, they will each recall the accident from a little different perspective. But under hypnosis, they will all recall similar stories.

Hypnosis can pull all the details out of the part of our brain that files the information we receive.

You can find more information about the store Good Journeys on their website, or talk to either Jeffrey Poe or Mary Bannon-Poe by calling them at: 317-750-7392.


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