Don't Do Reiki with a Cat in the Room

Tarot reading and Reiki both require a lot of concentration. When doing either of these activities, make sure you're in a place without distraction so you can be sure you give your client all of your energy and concentration. 

That's why you shouldn't do Reiki with a cat in the room.

I learned this the hard way the other day. I was performing Reiki on a client in another part of town (I'm a third level Reiki practitioner, so I don't need to be physically in the same room as a client in order to perform Reiki on them). I was the only human in our quiet house - no music, voices or Alexa telling us the news -  and settled comfortably in the living room arm-chair.  It was cold outside so I had a warm blanket over my legs and my feet up in the armchair. Perfect conditions to allow me to focus on doing Reiki, right? Wrong.

Enter my cats. 

As soon as I sat down and made myself comfortable, my 14-pound lion cat Sammy jumped on the back of the armchair and lay down behind my head with his paw dangling on my neck. big deal. I decided I could still close my eyes and focus. Sammy was purring, but I tuned that out. Besides, I figured the rhythmic purrs went well with the steady stream of Reiki energy I was sending to my client.

Just as I lifted my hands to send energy, however, my cat Micah jumped into an available spot on the chair next to me and burrowed under my blanket next to my hip. I paused. Should I move Micah? Would he be a distraction to my reiki?

Many of you might say, "Of course you should move the cat. You're trying to get work done!" But I'll bet none of you have cats. 

See, a cat and its owner have a very special relationship that is different than the one between a dog and its owner. In a cat-owner relationship, there are strict rules governing what the owner's role is (servant) and what the cat's role is (ruler).  This means that, when the cat wants to snuggle next to the owner, the owner needs to not only let the cat do so, but should also move over on the chair in order to make room for the cat. And, if the dog is on the chair, the dog has to get off. The human can stay to provide warmth.

Yes, I know that makes me sound like my cats have me wrapped around their paws. They do.

So, Micah stayed. 

Five minutes into Reiki, my cat Cheezie jumped on the chair, crawled into my lap and curled up under my hands. He definitely wanted the Reiki energy I was channeling (cats love Reiki - they soak up the Reiki heat).

Cheezie was a distraction. I needed to keep channeling, so I moved Cheezie out of my lap to my side. He immediately crawled back into my lap. I had a problem. Removing Cheezie from the chair and placing him on the floor seemed too drastic. A good cat servant wouldn't do that.

But, I had to work, so I tried placing Cheezie on my side again. He crawled back under my hands. We repeated this process several more times until I finally became impatient and put him firmly on the floor. Cheezie stared at me for a few seconds in complete shock at my appalling lack of respect, swished his tail a couple times, and stalked away. I went back to doing Reiki.

I have spent the last several days giving Cheezie extra treats and hugs to apologize for putting him on the floor. He's stopped giving me dirty looks, so I think the bribes are working. 

I've learned my lesson, though. From now on, I will go into a room away from cats to do tarot readings or Reiki, or anything that requires concentration and focus. Practice without distraction: don't do Reiki with a cat in the room.


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