You're on the Right Path: The Sun Card

This is the Sun Tarot card. You can just look at this card and know that it must be the happiest card in the tarot deck. And it is! The message is almost always sunny and bright when you see the Sun card. 

I say "almost always sunny and bright" because, as with all tarot cards, the Sun card has a dark side. The sun's light shines down strong and bright, but around the corners, underneath the wall and beneath the horse the sun also creates shadows. Although you don't see the shadows you should remember that they are there - for as with most happy things there is usually a downside. 

The young child is so happy, carefree and innocent. He doesn't care how naked he is, he just wants to have fun and rejoice in his freedom. The child and the horse are moving forward with joy and anticipation, and the sun shines down to light the way. 

This card is an indication that the universe approves of the path you've chosen. In many cases, you have experienced success and are headed towards more success. You're finally ready to relax and play! Even the sunflowers are pointed forward, as if signaling the path the boy is taking is approved - as above, so below.

The shadows indicate a note of caution, though. This caution states: be careful what you wish for, because you're about to get it! You've been working towards this goal. But will you still be happy once you've achieved it?

Another warning note: if you look closer, you will see that this is a somewhat lonely card. There is one boy, one horse, one sun. The boy, innocent and worthy of his success though he may be, is alone in his victory. He alone is responsible for his success, but he alone is celebrating. This indicates that, in order to enjoy our success, we need to be happy within ourselves. We cannot expect others to be happy for us. We need to take the time to appreciate what we have achieved. 

You might also experience a bit of jealousy from others due to your achievements. After all, you may have won what others wanted! Don't let that get you down into the shadows. Stay in the joy of your achievement! After all, it may be their turn next.

Hard work and dedication has its' payoff sometimes. When you see the Sun Tarot card, you will know that you're about to receive that payoff. Enjoy!


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