Tarot: Reading the Story That You're Writing

Reading a tarot spread is a lot like reading a story that you're in the process of writing. Tarot tells a story - where you've been, where you are now, and where you're likely to go if your actions and the situation don't change.

That's exactly how you should interpret a tarot spread for a client. Read the client's story in the tarot cards - the story that the client is currently writing. 

If the client doesn't like how the story ends, the tarot will also let the client know what they can do to change parts or all of the outcome by simply changing their attitude and/or actions. There are times, though, when the outcome is at least partly outside the client's control. The tarot reading will let the client know this, but will still emphasize ways in which the client controls the story.

Let me give you an example. I used the Everyday Witch tarot deck, by Deborah Blake, to complete a short 2-card reading for a client. The client asked for advice about starting their new business. The question asked was, "What advice does the tarot have that would help me as I start my new business?"

I drew the Knight of Swords and the World:

My first reaction was, "Ew, the Knight of Swords." I just don't like the Knight of Swords. He's obnoxious and arrogant and doesn't think about anyone else as he zooms towards his goal. He disregards the birds in his way (who were in the air first, and belong in the air more than the knight does!). It even looks like he ran into a few birds, but he's so focused on getting what he wants that it's like he didn't even know he hit the birds. If he did know he certainly doesn't seem to care.

The Knight of Swords is all "Me, Me and more Me". 

But he's not all bad. In fact, he may be acting appropriately, given the situation and context. The knight has a goal and nothing will stop him from reaching it. Maybe that's the attitude he needs to have? Maybe he is racing to the hospital to get the life-saving medicine his mother needs at home. Maybe there's very little time to save her and he has to hurry? In that case, it's understandable that he's racing towards his goals as quickly as possible, without paying attention to his surroundings too much.

The Knight indicates two sides of the same coin to me. He represents someone or a situation in which people are ambitiously pursuing a goal. The person(s) is/are determined, focused and will win at all costs! 

The World, on the other hand, represents successfully achieving your goals. You have reached the pinnacle of achievement, you've arrived, you've accomplished your goals! It's a great feeling to have finally "made it". Look at the smile on that very happy lady by the beach! 

Wait a second, though, because the World card isn't all joy and happiness. If you look closer, you see that the lady is alone on the beach. She has a cat, sure, but that's it. There's only one house on the island behind her (presumably, her house). The lady has accomplished a lot, but her victory is hers alone. No-one is cheering for her, except herself. 

Here is the story I read for the client in answer to his question, "What advice does the tarot have that would help me as I start my new business?":

Charging ahead, focused on your goals and determined to succeed in your new business, will lead to your desired outcome: success. However, be careful that you don't mow down everyone in your way in pursuit of your goals, or you will end up celebrating your accomplishments alone. 

And, you know, it's okay to be determined to accomplish your goals, but none of us is an island. For instance, to help us have continued success, we rely on professional contacts for referrals and networking. We need others to advise us, and we need people to celebrate our successes with. 

And, in a service industry, you need a good reputation with your clients! If you come across as a brute to your clients, it doesn't matter how good your service is, you will lose some of those clients eventually as they move on to another service provider who is easier to deal with. 

To sum up: you are likely to succeed. However, make sure you work well with others and don't come across as an arrogant know-it-all who can do it all alone and doesn't need anyone else.

Tarot cards are meant to be read together - like a story - from beginning to end. 

Finally, reading the tarot card story also depends on the question being asked. But, that's a topic for another blog post. 

Happy story-telling.


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