You and Me - Or Just Me: The Sacral Chakra

Have other people told you that you can be a little tense, shy or clingy? Balancing your sacral chakra with Reiki can help you relate better with other people. 

Ever wonder why some people make you feel relaxed and happy, like you've met a friend you didn't know you had before, while other people make you feel tense and uncomfortable? 

This is because the first type of person often has a balanced sacral chakra. Because of this, their aura radiates goodwill and welcomes others into their world. They appear balanced - neither high-strung nor repressed. They normally have a healthy relationship with just about everyone and everything, including family, friends, co-workers, and even money. They are energetic and full of life.

The sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomen, about two inches below your naval. This Chakra, identifying with the color orange, rules your relationships. An out-of-balance sacral chakra can cause havoc in relationship issues involving family, friends, finances, sexuality, emotional balance (especially in relation to other people), timidity, lack of intuition and issues with trust.

The Two of Cups is an indication of relationship issues, such as trust issues. I can understand trust issues. When I'm experiencing challenges with money or a relationship and the Two of Cups shows up in a reading I wince and groan, "Not again!"  

To be fair, I think a lot of people have trouble with trust. At some point, everyone gets burned in a relationship. 

Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you. Bam! Now you have trust issues. Maybe your business partner ran off with all the money you invested. Pow! Now you have trust issues. The stock market plummetted and you were left holding worthless stock. Kazaam! You now have trust issues with money. 

Everyone comes out on the lower end of a bargain, sometimes. Everyone gets hurt. But you don't have to let that mess you up inside. You don't have to crawl behind a fence and keep everyone on edge with your shyness, clinginess, or anger. 

Instead, you can stay balanced and serene. Your sacral chakra can keep turning calmly, with a flashing light that says, "It's okay! I'm okay, you're okay, and we'll be okay together!" Because your intuition, housed in the sacral chakra, learns from experience. After a bad relationship, it knows how to protect itself. It doesn't have to worry about getting hurt again, because it knows it can handle any nonsense. Your balanced sacral chakra just shakes it off and moves on.

You don't have to be blind to other people's faults in order to have a balanced sacral chakra. When you are balanced in your sacral chakra, you will have the inner gut feeling that lets you know when something is shady. You'll know when to avoid the bad stuff, and when to welcome the good people in. 

With a balanced sacral chakra, you will no longer be 'All About Protecting Me'. Your motto will finally be, "I can handle You and Me."


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