Not Everyone is a Light-Worker

I have found that the majority of individuals in any group are basically decent, kind, generous souls. They are going about the business of living their best life but will help others as much as they can, when they can. 

This is especially true of anyone in the holistic and metaphysical line of work. In general, these are people who are truly interested in the advancement of mind, body, and soul, and they want to help other people advance towards their goals, as well. 

However, in any group, there are always a few people who don't have good intentions. These are the vultures who feed on failure, the vampires who feed on joy and the users who just want as much of your money as they can get. This blog article is about these few individuals. You may not ever run into this type of person, but it's good to be aware, just in case.

I relate the following story so you can learn from my experience. 

Years ago, I was reeling from a difficult divorce. Of course, most divorces are 'difficult', aren't they? However, there were elements to this divorce that made moving on with my life particularly challenging. There were a few times when I felt especially confused about my next steps in life. At those times, I sought the help of reliable Tarot readers and psychics to help me find clarification (something I hope I do for others with my Tarot readings).

About a year after my divorce was finalized, I had decisions to make, and I needed guidance to help me make those decisions. I asked my friends if they knew of a reputable Tarot reader or psychic in the area. One of my friends told me about a local psychic Tarot reader her sister had consulted. This friend's sister thought the world of this reader - basically, the psychic reader was the best thing since sliced bread, and her sister consulted with the reader all the time. My friend told me that the reader was kind, wise and gave very good insight and advice. She even gave free blessings to anyone who signed up on her website. 

I found the reader's website, and she did seem like a warm, caring person. She offered the usual psychic services and healing sessions. However, she also offered a free service I had never seen before: if you signed up on her website and gave her permission, she would enter your dreams at night and give you spiritual blessings and help your subconscious mind find clarity and insight. Or, you could just ask to be added to her prayer circle. I opted for the prayer circle, and I signed up for a reading session in-person. 

I remember traveling a long way down country roads to get to her house. She lived in a small house with beautiful flower gardens next to the woods. Just seeing all the natural beauty made me relax and feel at ease.

The reader answered when I knocked on her front door, as well as her cat. She smiled and said hello, but the cat avoided me. It was a cat, however, so this wasn't surprising.

The reader took me to a building in back of the house, which contained her office. I remember that the main room where she did her readings was made from wood - wooden beams, wooden floors, and a wooden table and chairs. Very rustic but also comfortable. 

Long story short - it was an amazingly insightful reading. She gave accurate, detailed descriptions of future events in my life. She didn't hesitate when I asked her questions but answered with confidence and strength. She knew the answers, and as it turned out, she was right about everything! I was amazed. I was even more amazed over the next couple months when all her predictions came true.

I was so focused on the answers to my questions during the session that I didn't pay a lot of attention to the reader. I did get a vague impression of a cold, rigid soul underneath the warm, caring shell. I immediately dismissed this impression at the time, however, because how could a cold person have such beautiful gardens and a cat and give free blessings to anyone who asked? 

After the reading, and before I drove home, I asked to use the restroom. She stayed behind to tidy the building while I went to the main house where the bathroom was located. I encountered the cat again as I walked in the house. 

The cat paused and looked directly into my eyes for a long moment. It really felt like the cat was giving me a warning about the reader. I felt, rather than heard, a message from the cat telling me not to come back because the reader was not a nice person. At that time, I didn't have much experience communicating with animals, so I decided that the cat couldn't possibly be talking to me. I decided that I was just imagining things because I was tired and stressed. However, the cat's warning eyes stayed with me - a little burr at the back of my brain that would poke at me every once in awhile, causing a mildly uneasy feeling. 

Something wasn't quite right. 

About six months later I again needed some guidance. Since my first session with the psychic Tarot reader was so good the first time, I decided to call her and make another appointment. Her website still offered to bless you as you sleep' for free, but I decided that I really needed some solid guidance from the Tarot, instead. 

But, as soon as I made the appointment with her, my uneasiness increased exponentially. The worry would not go away. It was very strange, as I had never felt like this before an appointment with any other reader. So why was I so uneasy about seeing her again? 

At the time, I was in an adjustment phase in my relationship with God. My spirituality was moving towards more traditional avenues, so I wondered if the uneasy feeling stemmed from worries about doing something of which God wouldn't approve? The uneasiness became so overwhelming that, at times, it was hard to concentrate on anything.

Two nights after I made the appointment, I had a powerful dream. In the dream, I was in the presence of living, all-consuming light. It wasn't oppressive or scary, but weightless and comforting and overwhelmingly good. I knew without a thought that this was God, the All. After a few seconds, hours or an eternity, a voice without sound filled me, and said, "Why would you open your mind, when you are asleep and at your most vulnerable, to a complete stranger?"

As soon as I felt this message I instantly understood, and thought, "Oh! She's a succubus!" At that point, I woke up.

I had never really believed in, or heard much about, succubi before that day. But after my immersion in that light, I knew that this woman was a succubus. I knew that, once she obtained your permission to enter your spirit at night when you were asleep and vulnerable, she sucked all the energy and power she wanted from you. I was shocked to realize the truth, but even more shocked to discover that succubi actually do exist.

That day, I called and canceled my appointment with her. 

I tell you this story with the understanding that I do NOT have any proof whatsoever that this psychic reader was a succubus. I believe she was, and I trust the guidance of my soul/God/All. However, I do not have proof.

The point of this story is not to convince you that this woman was a succubus. The point is to remind you to be cautious. Use your common sense, intuition and guides to stay safe from the few bad eggs you will find in any group of people. Do not make yourselves completely vulnerable to strangers, or even acquaintances. Shield yourself until you believe it is safe to be vulnerable. Do not ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable - even if a 'warm, caring' person tells you to do it. 

And please remember - almost all holistic and metaphysical practitioners I have met are truly kind, caring people. I would trust some of them with my life. However, there are always a few liars, cheats and dangerous individuals that it is best to avoid. 

Peace and blessings to all of you.


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