About Me

I have been a Tarot card reader for 26 years. I am also a third level certified Reiki practitioner. 

Some time ago, I realized that Tarot and Reiki go perfectly together. When someone asks for a Tarot reading, they usually have a troublesome or confusing issue for which they need Tarot's guidance or advice. I usually find, while discussing the Tarot cards in the questioner's spread, that there is a root cause of the issue. This root cause is normally an emotional, mental or spiritual wound or block within the questioner. 

Reiki - Love's healing energy - can help to heal this wound or block. That's why I offer each client the option to follow up their Tarot reading with Reiki. Once the underlying problem within the questioner is exposed and understood, Reiki can more efficiently go to work to resolve the core wound or blockage. 

A Tarot card reading offers clear sight and options, while Reki provides healing energy. I have found that the combination of the two practices is more effective in helping a questioner resolve a problem than just Tarot or Reiki alone.

I also perform spiritual house cleanings and can communicate with animals. 


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